Voltage Regulators with Working Principle

If you need to look for a Voltage Regulator. It has its benefits. The electric power supply is a vital part of every business system. Not only do they play the role of supplying electricity, but they also help in the maintenance of the system. The main purpose of electric power supply is to keep all the devices running in a safe manner and in a proper environment.The electrical equipment connected to the voltage source should bear the value of the voltage. So, the source voltage should be in a certain range which is acceptable for the connected pieces of equipment. This purpose is fulfilled by implementing a voltage regulator. It regulates the voltage regardless of the alteration in the input voltage or connected load. It works as a shield for protective devices from damage. It can regulate AC and DC voltages depending on the design. There are different types of devices which are linked to the electrical power supply like the Switches, Control Panel, Fire Alarm, Load Alarm, Overload Warning, Other than Converter, Battery Charger, and many more. A Voltage Regulator controls the flow of electricity in order to prevent any kind of excess electricity from flowing into the system. Without a proper source of power, it will be difficult to operate the electric device in a safe manner. Without a properly operating power supply, you cannot conduct the operations of your business. Raju Electrical has different types of voltage regulators. There are the Single Phase, the Dual Phase, and the Group of Separators. It should be noted that each type of voltage regulator has a distinct function, function, and quality of operation.

Technical Specifications :

  • Superior Technology
  • PWM based voltage injection
  • Digital Signal Controlled
  • No switching in power path
  • Maintanence Free
  • Easy to install: Compact Design and Noise Free
  • Clean Technology: No oil leakage,no oli filling required!
  • Energy Saver: Due to superior technology
  • Improves Power Factor: Induces no Harmonics


  • Maintaining constant power supply
  • Control voltage fluctuation
  • Protecting electronic appliances
  • Gives a low output ripple voltage
  • Fast response time to load or line changes
  • Low electromagnetic interference and less noise
Servo voltage regulator
Servo voltage regulator

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