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Industrial Servo controlled voltage Stabilizer, commercial use

Industrial Servo Stabilizer could be the solution these stabilizers are used in factories to help with automatic adjustments of heavy equipment. They are also used to keep machinery from turning in the wrong direction. The stabilizer is equipped with an adjustable angle adjuster and a narrow beam. It can also be programmed so that it will automatically return to a fixed position when not in use. The stabilizer is most often installed above an operator's eye level and in the machine's path. When a machine's operating in a different state of alignment then the work-load will cause the machinery to turn. If the operator does not have time to watch the machine he/she will turn the machine manually. This could cause a more serious accident than turning the machine by mistake. By having a stabilizer installed in the machine it will help the operator to adjust the machine to a fixed position without affecting the workload. Some stabilizers will have a handle attached to it. This handle can be adjusted so that it will go forward or backward when the stabilizer is in use. Many stabilizers have an external arrow pointing to a wire guide, which is used to make sure that the electrical wires are held in the right place. Raju Stabilizer helps reduce the chances of a workman being injured. Some people may not like having machinery around their home, especially if they are doing their work by hand operation. Having an Industrial Servo Stabilizer by the door may deter someone from wanting to enter the room to help with adjustments. By having the stabilizer in the hallway it may increase security and lessen the chance of someone entering a room with the intention of damaging machinery and protect your machinery from voltage fluctuation.

Product Details:

  • Minimum Order: Quantity 1 Unit
  • Output Voltage: 415 V
  • Power: 100kva to 1000 kva
  • Usage/Application: Industrial
  • Input Voltage: 350 to 470 V
  • Phase: Three Phase
  • Control Type: Digital controller
  • Speed Correction: 35 V/Sec
  • Cooling Type: Oil cooled
  • Grade: Automatic
Industrial Servo Stabilizer
Industrial Servo Stabilizer

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