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Three Phase Servo Stabilizers


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Three Phase Servo Stabilizer offered are backed by latest technology support and are backed by ISO power transmission applications. Delivering optimum functional support, these stabilizers find suitability for maintaining constant power supply even in case of voltage fluctuation during power transmission process. These also come with servo stabilizer support which makes these highly effective in protecting of electronic appliances including air conditioners, fridges and others from possible damages. In the discussion of how the three-phase stabilizer works and use can be used to help improve an electric system, we will be taking a look at the first phase, the IGBT. IGBT is short for Integrated Gated-Bipolar Transistor, which is a type of device that operates between two materials. It is composed of a gate (the control component) and a source and a drain. By passing electrons through the transistor, it will either go straight through the source or it will be guided by the gate so it is able to select either one.
The other component in this IGBT, diodes, is there to protect the device from power spikes. The way that this is done is by filtering out the power to the base of the transistor. Without this protection, the current flow through the IGBT will increase. So the device becomes overloaded and its output voltage will be reduced. In other words, with more power present to the device, it will be able to provide more electricity than what is needed to operate it properly. This means that if the IGBT is being used to produce energy, it will need to consume much more energy than what it actually produces.
Because of this, it is important that when this IGBT is being used for three three-phase stabilizer works and use, it has the ability to prevent this overload effect. It is a DC component and its output voltage cannot be altered by any type of input power that could cause an overload. So, what is the best thing to do when the IGBT is overworked and overloaded? To rectify the situation, the device should be switched off, and then it should be reactivated once it is time to run a system again.

Technical specifications:

  • Input voltage: 207 V to 480 V
  • Output voltage: 415 V +/- 1 %
  • Nominal Output Voltage: 230V 400V
  • LineFrequency Variation: 47Hz-53Hz 47Hz-53Hz
  • Effect of Power Factor: None None
  • Wave Form Distortion: None added None added
  • Control Digital/Analogue: Digital/Analogue
  • Response Time: 10 ms. 10m s.
  • Cooling: Air cooled & Oil cooled as per customer specifications

Product Details:

  • Voltage Correction Speed: 6V to 40 Volts (as per requirement)
  • Response Time: Less than 10m/Sec
  • Correction Method: Step-less correction through; Variable Transformer
  • Type of Cooling: ONAN
  • Operating Temperature: 45d C above ambient
  • Insulation Class: Class B to F
  • Duty Cycle: 100% Continuous
  • Input Voltage: 220 V
  • Output Voltage: 280 V
  • Brand: Nelson
  • Condition: New
  • Capacity: 0.5 kVA to 10 kVA
  • Insulation: 5 M OHMS
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outer Body: Powder Coated Ms Sheet
three phase servo stabilizer
three phase servo stabilizer
three phase servo stabilizer
three phase servo stabilizer

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